An interview with Annie Sloan!

We simply love Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan™…. but that isn’t new! We are super excited about this recent interview that Annie did with House & Home Media, 2015 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the remarkable water-based paint we rave about. The interview has great tips and tricks about Annie Sloan™ techniques and styles, and comes in time for Annie’s new book: Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint Workbook, just released in October!

Annie discusses current Annie Sloan™ furniture trends, her favourite Annie Sloan™ colour combinations, distressing,  and waxing tips. Let’s take a highlighted look at some of the great details and secrets Annie herself shares in this exclusive interview, and click here to read the entire article, from House & Home Media, 2015.


What do you think are the hottest paint colours for furniture right now?

“I’ve been seeing a lot of people using a bright palette influenced by colours from the 50s and 60s but with a contemporary twist.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 1.11.40 PM

Photographer: Jelena Pticek
House & Home Media, 2015

What are some of your favourite combinations with Chalk Paint?

“There are so many! It depends what style I’m after. If I’m doing something French, I would use Coco (a warm neutral) with Louis Blue (a cool, pale color). For something really contemporary, as in this bookcase, I painted a layer of Primer Red (a deep, red ochre), then a layer of Napoleonic Blue (a warm, deep blue) on top. Finally, I applied Greek Blue (a bright, clean blue) and while it was still wet I scraped it off so that it was heavily distressed throughout. The wall is Scandinavian Pink, for contrast.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 2.02.12 PM

Photographer: Christopher Drake
House & Home Media, 2015

What’s your stance on distressing — the more the better or just a touch?

“There are no rules! Distressing a piece of furniture makes it look like it’s got some history and character. On a really rustic piece, I say distress it to within an inch of its life. For a more modern look, I will apply my paint smoothly and sand very lightly to minimize brush strokes. On this 1960s side table I used Provence and Arles.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 1.24.56 PM

Photographer: Christopher Drake
House & Home Media, 2015

Do you always wax your pieces? Is there a certain technique to waxing?

“99% of the time I wax my pieces. I might not wax a frame or a light, but anything that gets touched really needs to be waxed for the protection.  I think of applying wax like I do a hand cream — the wax should absorb into the paint, like hand cream does your skin. You wouldn’t leave lots of cream on your hands, this is the same with wax and furniture. If you’d like a matte finish leave the wax as it is, but if you’d like it to shine, polish the furniture the following day.”

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 1.45.24 PM

Photographer: Christopher Drake
House & Home Media, 2015

Click here for more tips, tricks and inspiration by the paint genius herself. And stay tuned for more Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan™ projects, workshops and fun at Simply White this upcoming season!