Decorating with 2015’s Pantone Colour of the Year: Marsala

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Each year, Pantone releases their Colour of the Year — the most notable colour that is featured across design industries worldwide. This year, Pantone named Marsala as the 2015 Colour of the Year. We are loving incorporating it into spaces and the applications we’ve been seeing in the interior decorating world and thought you might love to see some interior inspirations so that you can be on trend this year.

Why we love marsala

Marsala is a full-bodies and impactful colour that makes an elegant statement that can stand alone or as a beautiful accent to other colours. The hue embodies the very essence of its fortified wine namesake with a satisfying richness grounded with the sophistaicated earthiness of the red-brown tones.When you incorporate marsala into your space, you know you will be adding elegance. We especially love it with rugs and upholstery as it is enhanced when applied to textured surfaces.


Wonderful walls


Couture in the Kitchen


Designer drapes



A warm hue



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