Home is a Sanctuary

Our clients were desperate for a style that they have been in love with, but nobody seemed to carry exactly what they wanted. We swooped in with custom solutions and designed a space that perfectly meets their needs and exceeds their expectations!

Fit for a King

The bedroom can easily default to the feminine, our goal in this space was to keep a masculine aesthetic but maintain the atmosphere of a restful oasis. Dark colours, unique wall art and a beautiful fabric palette took this space to could nine.

A Muskoka Cottage

This home is designed to host guests and gatherings. To be the backdrop of memories, of family, of good times and bad. This is the kind of design that cultivates traditions and that lives are built around.

Sweetest Dreams

A bedroom should be a sanctuary. A bedroom should calm. A bedroom should be designed in exactly the way that will make you feel relaxed. We believe that one should never compromise on luxurious linens and that a good night’s sleep is best enjoyed in a space designed for comfort and peace.

Down to Earth Dining

A table is where we gather, where we break bread, share stories and experiences and the fine fruits of a host’s labour. Whether it be family meals or dinner parties with friends, your dining space should reflect you. Dinner at this table is elements of contemporary with loads of functionality. Sante.