When Spring and Summer Collide: A guide to patterned living

Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Niagarans, we survived the coldest winter in recent memory and our reward is apparently an early summer in May! Hello patio sips, sandals and… well the issue of the day is what is our spring into summer decor when spring was swept away and our buds are in full bloom early?

In stead of jumping straight to beachy chic, we have some ideas of integrating florals into your summer aesthetic and doing it in such a way that your brights can stay out until your earthy autumns are in line for their time to shine. Without further ado, some floral fabric inspiration:


A bright and white floral drapery


A multi-floral seating motif



A woodsy blue and white table



Modern fleurs for little girls



With this bit of inspiration we hope that you are hungry for some floral decor of your own! Our fabric room is outfitted with the most comfortable (and divine) chairs your heart could desire and all of the fabric you could deam of. Stop by, have a coffee and settle into the design experience you’ve been waiting for. See you soon friends, I can’t wait to become fast friends or catch up!

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